Unleashing better productivity


Getting started with automated trading.

Sieger Blockchain

Storing trading information into a distributed ledger.


Fully synchronized with your trading environment.


Easy to deploy and run multiple strategies.


Access from anywhere and anytime

Don't be limited by your desktop trading terminal and access your trading strategies through a web interface.

Don't worry about scalability.

1FxSoL takes care of the backend so that you don't have to worry about managing servers and load balancing.

Be informed on the go.

Receive notifications by installing the 1FxSoL app on any mobile device.

Sieger Blockchain

The Sieger Blockchain can provide the answers to problems within the traders and brokers community, improving transparency.

We are an information resource, settling disputes and authenticating trades.


Providing flexibility to seamlessly switch between your trading terminal and 1FxSoL platform.

Turn your ideas into a profitable strategy using any device.

Deploy your rule-based strategies into Python bots.


Deploy your trading strategies using the most popular programming language in the world.

1FxSoL utilizes the most skilled and up and coming Python programmers available worldwide.

Trade multiple sophisticated strategies from a single unified portfolio environment.

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