When it comes to your digital strategy it's important to plan ahead. This applies to the infrastructure you're using, tools, and as well as the programming languages that are used to create them.

Over the last years, Python has profiled itself to be the go-to language for developing complex platforms trusted by companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and more. It is now the most popular programming language in the world used by over 8 million people and the number is growing.

One of the large advantages of 1fxsol is that we give you full source-code access to your trading strategies and not just a way to edit a few values through checkboxes and entry fields. All your trading strategies are represented in our platform as Python scripts which you can modify and extend at will. We believe that it should be easy for our customers to maintain and extend their 1fxsol setup as they grow their business. We chose Python so that once you grow your business you will be free to hire resources to extend your trading strategies with any of the thousands of frameworks and APIs available in the World. This is an option that we believe our customers deserve and what better programming language to enable this than one that is used on many current universities and which is used by millions of people. Using 1fxsol gives you the option to tap into all this human potential.

Furthermore, we can help you modify or extend your trading strategies with custom features as a service so that even if you do not have or plan to hire a development team you don't need to worry about any missed opportunities. Or if you don't plan on getting any custom features built you are free to use the default trading scripts that we provide with every trading bot with every user account.

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